hosted by Larry Lamb

Rome: The World’s First Superpower

4 x 60 hosted by Larry Lamb

Larry Lamb isn’t just an actor, TV presenter and radio show host. He’s a history fanatic who spent years learning Italian whilst exploring the history and culture of Rome.

So in this landmark series, Larry discovers the Rome story afresh – beginning 3000 years ago, when an extraordinary people rose from humble beginnings to force their will on the world, and create the greatest empire Mankind had ever seen. This empire lasted a thousand years, and shaped the way we live today.

The story Larry uncovers is a one thousand year epic, packed with murder, ambition, betrayal and greed. This once in a lifetime journey takes Larry from Rome to London, from Sicily to France… all the way to North Africa. He’s guided by Europe and America’s foremost classical experts.

The big history Larry tells is matched by the epic and compelling games animation that brings the rise of Rome to life.

Channel 5 / Group M Entertainment
Shine Distribution | Presenterless version available


Posted on

29th September 2014