Last Heroes of The Somme

1 x 60 min

Exactly one hundred years to the day, on 13th November 1916, forty thousand British soldiers climbed out of their trenches and headed for the German lines.

It was to be the last desperate push in The Battle of the Somme, which had begun so disastrously four months earlier – when fifty seven thousand soldiers fell in a single day.

This Remembrance Sunday six families rediscover their loved ones who fought that day through letters, diaries and an emotional return to the Somme battlefield.

By November 13th 1916 Britain had learnt lessons from the Somme’s infamous opening day and were using heavier guns and a new secret weapon –  the tank. They were determined to break the deadlock.

And they succeeded – this last push helped turn the Somme from a crushing defeat to a turning point that would ultimately lead Britain towards victory in WW1.

Transmission Date/Time:

Sunday 13 November, Channel 4, 8pm.

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Posted on

21st November 2016