hosted by Alice Roberts

Digging for Britain

Series 3 / 4 x 60 / hosted by Alice Roberts

Professor Roberts returns to host this iconic BBC series in a fresh new format. Every year hundreds of archaeologists across Britain go digging – looking for more clues to our national story – who lived here, when and why?

Archaeology is a complex and intriguing puzzle, and Digging for Britain has revealed some of the most exciting and important digs of recent years – from a dramatic World War II crash, to the mysterious case of the Scottish mummies, to England’s first (thousand year old) hospital.

In this new format, you get all the archaeology – plus Big Event TV, as Alice and team present the year’s most exciting finds from four regional museums. The treasures on site place each new discovery in context, and the as-live filming allows you to share in the excitement of great new discoveries.

BBC Worldwide distribution


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29th September 2014