Digging For Britain

Series 4 / 3 x 60 / presented by Prof Alice Roberts

BBC Four’s hit archaeology series is back, ready to explore the best archaeological finds from across the country. This year the discoveries are more exciting than ever, each brought to you in a very special way. Every excavation has been filmed on location, and as it happened, by the archaeologists themselves. Their Dig Diaries mean viewers can be there for every moment of discovery.

Professor Alice Roberts and archaeologist Matt Williams explore every manner of archeological tale, from beheadings to animal cults, lost cities to ancient rituals, and Iron Age warriors to the heroes of WW2. The series puts every find in context and explores what each really means.

Back at our special lab, the archaeologists share their finds, so Alice and Matt can examine every artifact themselves – in close up. They get their hands on swords, skeletons, ancient treasure and precious jewellery, all fresh from the ground where they were discovered. Together they ask the big questions that change how we think about these islands’ history, and reveal how archaeology can connect us to our past.

Transmission Date/Time:

WEST – Thursday, 10th March, BBC 4, 9pm
EAST – Thursday, 17th March, BBC 4, 9pm
NORTH – Thursday, 24th March, BBC 4, 9pm

BBC Worldwide distribution


Posted on

15th February 2016